Definition of Obesity in Under 100 Words

Definition of Obesity (In Under 100 Words)

Definition of Obesity in Under 100 Words

The Definition of Obesity (in less than 100 words)

Obesity is defined as, the condition of being grossly overweight or fat. The history of the word obesity derives from the French word obésité, which is from Latin obesitas, meaning “fatness,” and from obesus, meaning “something that’s eaten itself fat.”

In addition the Obesity Medicine Association defines obesity as “a chronic, relapsing, multifactorial, neurobehavioral disease, wherein an increase in body fat promotes adipose tissue dysfunction and abnormal fat mass physical forces, resulting in adverse metabolic, biomechanical, and psychosocial health consequences.”

Obesity can be assessed by various methods: Body Mass Index, abdominal circumference, and body fat percentage. Pros and cons exist with each method used.


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