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Post Weight Loss Surgery: Creating New Holiday Traditions

If this is your first holiday season post weight loss surgery, not to worry, you’re not alone. The feelings of uneasiness about how to approach the many holiday functions are quite common. Some of your friends and family may not be aware that you have had surgery. How do you attend the various parties and appear “normal”?

Maybe you have been open with loved ones about the surgery. However, your loved ones may not quite understand the various fears and worries that you have about the upcoming holidays.

Finding new ways to celebrate familiar holidays post weight loss surgery will be key to your success. Some changes will be easier than others.

  • Post weight loss surgery, we are told to “avoid the bubbly.” Maybe New Year’s Eve was the night you liked to drink champagne. Try something new this year, such as a sugar-free drink in a champagne glass.


  • Pass on the fried turkey. Find a bariatric friendly turkey recipe. Pinterest has some great ideas!


  • Purchase some new holiday dishes with smaller plates. Out with the old, in with the new. Smaller plates will help you not to pile on too much food. For more info on overeating, check out this article we wrote “5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating Pitfalls”


  • Pull out grandma’s dessert recipe and substitute with bariatric friendly ingredients.



The 3 P’s to Success

  • Planning: Have a game plan in mind when attending/hosting holiday functions. Make sure you have bariatric friendly foods handy
  • Portions: Remember that you cannot eat the same portion sizes as before. Be mindful when choosing plate sizes, etc.
  • Patience: Be kind to yourself as you learn these new habits. It takes time to discover what works for you and what does not. No cookie cutter way exists for this process.


Create an Experience Not an Expectation

As many of us gather around tables, remember that the holidays offer more than just food and drink. Celebrate the relationships in your life and highlight those more than the turkey, ham or pie. What will you remember next year, what something tasted like or who was present during the event?

Maybe you enjoy decorating for the holidays. Find a small way to capture those magical moments with beauty rather than a bite. Maybe you enjoy serving others. Head to your local homeless shelter and hand out food to the needy. It is a chance to offer a different perspective with regards to food.


Mindful Merriment

  • Journal: Journaling can be a great way to get those feelings out on paper. Spend some time jotting down what meant most to you this year.
  • Yoga/Meditation: Head to your local rec center or gym and allow your body to be calm.
  • Self-care: Nurture yourself during this often stressful time. Get a massage or manicure/pedicure.


Remember that bariatric surgery does not “fix” our issues with food and weight. We must be intentional each day with the choices that we make. The holidays can be a great opportunity to find new solutions for old issues that may surface. Celebrate the season and celebrate all that you are learning in the process.


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